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Small Business

BCA understands what it takes to make a small business successful. When we coined the phrase, Success follows diligence, it stuck! More than ever entrepreneurialism offers creative, adventurous people with good ideas an opportunity to soar.


As good as your idea is..., it's an idea that must be grounded in sound business practice to be profitable. This means building and maintaining strategic alliances with peers and resource organizations that support your efforts. It also means organized and timely planning that anticipates and structures growth. There is nothing as professionally fulfilling as creating a business to carry out your vision for a better world. Business creation must go hand in hand with resource cultivation and planning to be a sustainable and profitable enterprise.


If your enterprise is for-profit or nonprofit the application of sound business practices applies equally. The return on your investment of time, energy, and money is significantly increased by your capacity to understand and apply these practices. You can rely on BCA to help you build your organizational capacity and connect you with an array of resources that can support your mission. 

Organization Development

  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Operations analysis
  • Financial system setup
  •  HR/Staffing planning coordination
  • Branding and Marketing support
  • Customer service evaluation design
  • Government bid preparation and contract compliance
  • Board of Directors training
  • Business plan creation
  • Capital access negotiations
  • Strategic planning

Relationship brokering that introduces your business to potential funders and

other supporters.

Resource Development

      • Individual donor solicitation
      • Grant writing
      • Financial assessment and budget planning for discrete services and programs
  • Organizing briefing sessions with potential funders
  • SBA loan assistance
  • Capital strategy and financial proforma development
  • Contract negotiations

Nonprofit incorporation and small business licensing; local, state, and federal system registrations and certification preparation.

Marketing and graphic design consultation to help brand your business, articulate your key messages, and reach your consumers.


Preparing financial and procurement documents, contract agreements, annual and special reports


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