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Our Business Is Helping Your Business Prosper

Established in 1996, Burnett Consulting Associates, LLC (formerly, California Consulting Associates) provides technical assistance to local government agencies and community-based businesses by bringing expert talent together to help organizations prosper that endeavor to promote social wellness. Burnett Consulting Associates (BCA) provides core business support for infrastructure development through the delivery of comprehensive professional services and technical assistance.

If your business is one of many experiencing stagnant growth due to the lack of program innovation or experiencing rapid growth and your existing organization infrastructure, processes and financial portfolio just can not keep pace, consider building your capacity with a BCA partnership. Through the combined expertise of the associates who partner on BCA projects, we have established a proven track record in assisting community service organizations and public agencies in organizational development and related work. In raising over $117.5 million in grant proceeds through facilitated strategic planning efforts, we know how to leverage funding opportunities to help you finance those new ventures.

We believe that local businesses are driving forces in community health and economic development, as such, we offer an array of professional business supports to help entrepreneurs achieve phenomenal success. Each of our clients has access to our Back-office support team which provides operational Infrastructure to accommodate growth and unexpected transitions; targeted capital infusion to support contract management and cash flow, and Asset development designed to elevate your business profile and supercharge goal achievement!

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What's Your Business? 

If you are a government or public benefit agency we can help you form multi-sector, culturally diverse collaborations that effectively expand your scope and reach into the communities that you serve.

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If you have a small business, we can help you build your organization's capacity to meet the environmental challenges and infrastructure demands that accompany business growth.

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