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Public Benefit and Government Agencies

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Alameda County Probation Department

Alameda County Public Health Department

Alameda County Social Services Agency

California Children's Research Institute

California State Department of Health & Human Services

California State Department of Youth Authority
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

City of Hayward/Alameda Cunty , South Hayward Youth and Family Center Capital Project

Community Nonprofit & Small Business

Bakari Homes Incorporated, Sacramento, CA

California Co-Housing Corporation, Oakland, CA

Employment, Management, & Training Group Incorporated

Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA

Healthy Communities Incorporated, Oakland, CA

Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED), IN

Northern California Economic Development Inc., Hayward, CA

Beautiful Minds Wellness,
Auburn CA Medical Cannabis Retailer, Iselton, CA

GoldStar Senior Housing, Inc.

Academic Institutions

University of California at San Francisco, Institute

for Health Policy Study, CA

University of California at Davis, Office of Judicial Affairs, CA

Oakland Unified School District

University of California at Davis, Medical Center, CA

Grant Joint Union School District, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Unified School District, Sacramento, CA

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