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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations provide an array of important community services that range from small local efforts to multi-million dollar national and international enterprises. Large or small, nonprofit organizations strive to meet the needs of society by providing vital health, education, and social services. Nonprofits help to anchor social bureaucracies and leverage private investments to strike a balance. It's a balance that helps disenfranchised individuals bridge the gap between availability and accessibility to various resources and services that can enable them to improve their lives.

While business is business, BCA understands the unique role of nonprofits and the nuances in organizational infrastructure development and board governance that distinguish nonprofit businesses from their for-profit counterparts. Rely on BCA to help you build and stabilize your organization. We offer tailored technical assistance and fund development support to help you build and expand your organizational capacity to do good work. BCA services for nonprofit businesses are:

Organization development

  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Office systems analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • Financial management systems and controls assessment and improvement
  • Information technology solutions assessment and systems improvement support
  • Strategic planning
  • Process and program evaluation design
  • Board of Directors development and training
  • Business plan creation

Relationship brokering that introduces your business to potential funders and
other supporters

Resource development

  • Individual donor solicitation and Grant writing
  • Financial assessment and budget planning for discrete services and programs
  • Organizing briefing sessions with potential funders
  • Contract negotiations

Nonprofit incorporation and certification preparation

Marketing and graphic design consultation to help brand your business, articulate your key messages, and reach your consumers

Preparing annual and special reports

Contact us for information and service costs.

Think we can help.

Give us a call. BCA is committed to making quality services available at a competitive rate. Over 85% of our business is derived from nonprofit organizations and public benefit agencies. We do offer affordable rates to tax exempt clients, just contact us for more information.

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