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Burnett Consulting Associates (BCA) offers an array of hands-on technical assistance delivered by a diverse team of seasoned and energetic professionals to help you excel in achieving your business goals. BCA is a trusted resource for small and mid-size for-profit and nonprofit companies.  

Our vast experience in the public sector also makes us a reliable resource to help government agencies work with communities to achieve more meaningful results. If your business is about helping others, we can help you make the right government connections.

BCA established in 1996, provides technical assistance to local government agencies and community-based businesses by bringing expert talent together to help organizations prosper that endeavor to promote societal wellness. BCA provides core business support for infrastructure development through the delivery of comprehensive professional services and technical assistance. 

We help businesses to grow by offering them the tools to scale what works.

"We believe in the power of planned ingenuity and the dynamism of rampant creativity.

Let us help you harness the power of creative solutions to spur business growth and

achieve the success your company deserves."

Think we can help.

Give us a call. BCA is committed to making quality services available at a competitive rate. Over 75% of our business is derived from nonprofit organizations and public benefit agencies. We do offer affordable rates to tax-exempt clients, just contact us for more information.

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Burnett Consulting Associates

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